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    How Marriott Plans To Use Amazon Alexa To Improve The In-Room Experience For Guests – GeoMarketing

    • Source: By Lauryn Chamberlain - GeoMarketing

    The hotel chain is exploring ways to improve customer service through voice — while working with Amazon to ensure absolute privacy.

    Marriott is set to test out Amazon Alexa in a number of its hotel properties, Toni Stoeckl, global brand leader for lifestyle brands at Marriott, revealed in a panel at Advertising Week. The move is a bid to provide increased personalization and improved in room service for guests.

    As voice-activated connected device usage has jumped 130 percent over the past year, brands have begun to explore how the technology can be used to drive engagement and improve customer service — and the hospitality industry is in many ways leading the charge.

    Why? As Stoeckl put it, “as a hotel brand, we’re in the experience business. This means [taking advantage of technology that can] connect our consumers to the local experience in the hotel or the neighborhood — as well as removing some of the friction of transaction in hotels.”

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    Training users on new hotel technology no simple task


    Source: by Esther Hertzfeld - Hotel Management

    Without the right training tools and procedures in place, hoteliers risk hurting the guest relationship with poor employee knowledge and communication. A lot of training inefficiencies come from new technology — but a lot of hoteliers rely on technology companies to assist with that new tech guidance. So do tech companies offer the employee training hotels need?

    “Not always,” said Alan Zaccario, VP of information technology for New Castle Hotels and Resorts. “Ironically, the most complicated systems have little in the way of training. They rely more on vendor engagement.”

    For instance, high-speed Internet access is extraordinarily complex, Zaccario said. Perhaps too complex for the average hotel staff to master, he continued.

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